The research area of the Circuits and Systems group covers the theory and applications of circuits and systems, signal processing, and VLSI circuit and system design methodology.


This link will direct you to some slide presentations which are used to introduce the group to starting MSc students.

The complexity of electronic circuits is ever increasing, and so is their design. Two drivers are (i) already phenomenal integration densities are still doubling every 18 months (Moore's law), and (ii) new advanced applications require integrated solutions with increased intelligence and immense processing power. The main goal in our research program is to provide a sound mathematical framework for synthesis and analysis problems in the complete trajectory from system application, algorithm design, mapping to a hardware architecture or embedded system, VLSI circuit design, and finally the design verification.

Our system applications are taken from several areas that require new mathematical insights, eg. wireless communications, distributed networks, radio astronomy and biomedical applications, and we limit ourselves to the central signal processing aspects of these. The objective is to develop efficient signal processing algorithms and to compile these onto embedded systems and the underlying physical circuits. The new insights are incorporated in design tools and actual designs.


The CAS group participates in four MSc tracks: MSc Telecommunication and Sensing Systems, MSc Signals and Systems, MSc Microelectronics, MSc Computer Engineering.


CAS consists of 10 professors and about 40 researchers.


EI Colloquium

Jesper Steensgaard

Analog-to-digital converters

How to design a circuit capable of driving a 20-bit SAR ADC with better than 1-part-per-million accuracy.

MSc CE Thesis Presentation

Jurrien de Klerk

CacheBalancer: A communication latency and utilization aware resource manager

Memory management for multiple many-core processors

Signal Processing Seminar

Shahrzad Naghibzadeh

Shahrzad's talk

Shahrzad will talk about a paper she is preparing based on her Msc. work.

MSc ME Thesis Presentation Menno Vastenholt

Menno Vastenholt

A Sub-GHz UWB Correlation Receiver for Wireless Biomedical Communication

Signal Processing Seminar

Seyran Khademi

Joint antenna selection and precoding with quadratic sparsity inducing regularizer for multi-user MIMO systems

Signal Processing Seminar

Yuan Zeng

Yuan's talk

Signal Processing Seminar

Andrea Simonetto

Distributed time-varying optimization

Signal Processing Seminar

Georg Kail

Georg's talk

Signal Processing Seminar

Yongchang Hu

Yongchang's Talk

Signal Processing Seminar

Jorge Martinez-Castaneda

Near-field beamforming for ad-hoc microphone arrays

Jorge will give a short talk and demonstration of a near-field beamforming algorithm for ad-hoc networks that he developed.