Xess Tools for Linux

OK, here it is my port of the sources (may still contain bugs!). It is just a quick (couple of nights) hack, and the sources need some beautifying, but the tools seem to work.

The sources of version4: xstools-source-4_011.tgz

The sources were compiled with: gcc version 2.95.3 20010315 (release)

The DIFFs as compared to the original sources of version4: DIFF

This patchfile was provided by Oliver Kraus and is for those who are using FreeBSD: xstoolslib_freebsd.tar.gz

Port to gcc++ 3.2 by Rafael de Avila: xstools-source-4_01-gcc32.tgz

Statically linked (ELF) executables :



make a copy of the xtools4 directory
rm all *.exe files
rm xsbrdinf.txt
copy the linux executables and xsbrdinf.txt into the new xtools4 directory
make tools sui root


Tools are (partly) tested only using a XSV-800 board!
Default for XSTOOLS_BIN_DIR is "/usr/local/xstools4/"!!
IO port is 0x378 (lPT1,default)
LPT2, LPT3 support added.
bug in Hex.cpp fixed.

Updated: Sat Apr 26 20:32:49 CEST 2003