dr. Qin Tang

PhD student
Circuits and Systems (CAS), Department of Microelectronics

PhD thesis: Transistor-Level Statistical Timing Analysis: Solving Random Differential Equations Directly

Promotor: Edoardo Charbon, Nick van der Meijs

Expertise: Statistical modeling of circuits

Themes: VLSI design verification


Qin Tang was a PhD student in the CAS group, with dr. Nick van der Meijs. She obtained the Ph.D degree in electronic engineering at Delft University of Technology with 20 academic publications, including top journals (TCAD/TCAS) and top conferences (DAC/DATE/ASPDAC). Ph.D research fields are mainly in statistical modeling, circuit variability, simulation software development and algorithm design. Supervised three master students, and two out of three graduated with Cum Laude.

Last updated: 8 Nov 2014

Qin Tang

  • Left in 2013
  • Now: State Key Laboratory of Solid State Lighting (Changzhou)
  • Personal webpage