Geert Leus in IEEE ICASSP Top Downloads

An 2015 ICASSP paper co-authored by Geert Leus made it to the Top-20 Downloads list of ICASSP papers over 2015-2017.

The paper is "Compressed Sensing Based Multiuser Millimeter-Wave Systems: How Many Measurements Are Needed?", by Ahmed Alkhateeb, Geert Leus, and Robert Heath. Last year, the related journal paper also won a best (young author) paper award.

The overview of top-downloaded papers was published in IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, July 2018.

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Jie Zhang wins best student paper award

On 10 July, Jie Zhang won one of the three best student paper awards of the IEEE Sensor Array Multichannel Signal Processing workshop (175 att.), for the paper "RATE-DISTRIBUTED BINAURAL LCMV BEAMFORMING FOR ASSISTIVE HEARING IN WIRELESS ACOUSTIC SENSOR NETWORKS", coauthored with Richard Hendriks and Richard Heusdens. Congratulations!