URSI Benelux Forum-2018 poster awards

The Annual Benelux URSI meeting took place on January 25 in Delft. Around 20 posters were presented. Sharzad and Patrick won the first and second Student Poster Award.

Shahrzad Naghibzadeh proposed "PRIFIRA - General regularization using priorconditioning for fast radio interferometric imaging". while Patrick Fuchs presented "Local Maxwell two-dimensional first order electrical properties tomography".

New project: PRYSTINE

Rene van Leuken, together with his team (Sumeet Kumar, Amir Zjajo), and Said Hamdioui at CE acquired part of a new EU project "PRYSTINE". The aim is to design programmable compute hardware for automatic driving functions, across two application targets: data fusion for robust perception; and acceleration of AI frameworks for decision making. The emphasis is on low-power compute platforms.

While the overall budget of the project is 50 ME and spans over 60 partners, Delft will sign up for 1.8 ME.

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