MSc thesis project proposal

Smart Mobile Process Environment Actuators and Sensors (Smart PEAS)

This thesis project is linked to an STW project that aims at studying the use of smart moving process environment actuators and sensors (PEAS) inside the process equipment (for chemical or food processes) in order to achieve accurate three-dimensional profiling of process parameters. To realize this, the smart sensors will be equipped with ultra wideband (UWB) wireless transceivers for communication and localization in liquids. Product quality is affected by uncontrolled mixing and inhomogeneities in the process equipment. To meet customer criteria or legislative demands, post-treatments will be necessary that will increase costs, energy consumption, and waste production. Current measurement and control methods are based on measurements at a single or a few fixed position(s) and therefore provide insufficient information to overcome many of the above problems. The proposed system will provide a solution to these issues.


The main task of the thesis project is to develop advanced communication and localization methods that can be applied in liquids. An important part of the project consists of testing the algorithms on an existing platform that was built in the frame of the STW project.


The candidate is a student in Electrical Engineering, with a solid mathematical and signal processing background. Knowledge of Matlab or C is required. Good spoken and written English is a must.

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Circuits and Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

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